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  • garrettklein87 garrettklein87 Mar 28, 2013 11:58 AM Flag


    is the lack of mgmt's update on this drug a true indicator that there may be some underlying issues?

    i thought Renz stated they are planning to advance into phase II at some point in 2013?

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    • "Z944. Received a key U.S. patent issued in February 2013 providing broad patent coverage for Z944, a novel, oral, T-type calcium channel blocker, through April 2029. Z944 completed Phase 1 single and multiple ascending dose clinical studies in late 2012 and the Company plans to continue further clinical development with Z944 during 2013."

      I'm wondering if during the MAD, they found other indications? The FL connection, patent coverage, etc and are just trying to figure out which way to take it (revenue vs trial cost). Find an easy bar to get over that can fund further indications... or liciense it out for A and B.for cash.. keep C and D in house as a cow. We will know when they decide it is time to shine the light on us mushrooms.

    • response from Jason:

      "They are keeping the data on Z944 quiet for competitive reasons.
      Why don’t want other firms knowing the details prior to proof-of-concept.


    • All empty words by mgmt...It has been said that for z944 we will start p2 in q1 2013... today its a last day of q1...