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  • slugboy85 slugboy85 Mar 29, 2013 9:50 AM Flag

    OT: Trout

    Anyone see the article on the brown trout caught in NZ? 42#'s and a yard long.
    JIm, you have some big hip waiters to fill come fishing time in the wilderness.

    Happy Good Friday and Easter to all. Or Passover.... enjoy.

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    • Slugger: Thats one heck of a fish. We do have some great Brown fishing in the US, White river in AR, Green river in WY, and numerous locations in troll country (the land below the bridge) MI. I'm going to go to either Aussie land or Keewi (sic?) land this next winter, haven't made up my mind which yet. No guides, no tours, no reservations. Just a rental car and go where I please. They have some great long distance deals in Aussie land where you get a sleeper cabin on the traun and put the car on a flat car, sight see out the window, good food and hang out with the crazies in the club car.
      PS, my WAG for Z- 944 news will be about the 20th of April.
      Jim Long and calm

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      • I'm a former Mitten dweller and I resemble that remark... A buddy of mine spent 3 months this winter in NZ visiting his daughter, said it is the most beautiful place he has ever been to where they were not shooting at him. He did three tours is SE asia and thought Thailand and some of the other countries were scenically beautiful. Only thing he missed while there was skiing in CO and UT this winter. No plans -- now that is the way to travel.