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  • vcppaddler vcppaddler Apr 2, 2013 7:47 PM Flag


    He is such a pain......where is my Exalgo?


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    • Paddler, I think Justin may be more than happy to answer my latest question.

      I am pretty sure the data is good, and they just did not see it as something to dwell on in their slide shows. However, if I knew the answer, I would feel a lot more comfortable knowing that increased bioavailability on an equivalent dose basis is superior to the previous formulation (NMED-160) in the lab animal models. I really need this answer.

      I disagree with Jim's opinion that this is confidential information. I think it is a question that just needs to be asked and addressed (or pointed out more clearly). Simple as that.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Paddler--why are you still here?
      You sold, so it's time to move on! You must have separation anxiety! Lol

      • 1 Reply to ranger43a
      • I'm still here becasue I still believe in the company and it's pipeline. It's just that the time table wasn't working for me. I knew MNKD would start to climb and for once I was right. The Daug was partly responsible for me jumping into "Z" when it was 2 bucks. It wasn't till later that I learned that his pumping analysis was all BS. To put it into perspective, MNKD has to reach $8.31 for me to recover my losses on Zalicus. I may jump back in later but unfortunately I think there is a bit more downside here. I will get back in but not to the extent that I did previously. ....and that's why I'm still here.