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  • garrettklein87 garrettklein87 Apr 3, 2013 9:27 PM Flag


    from this point forward until April 22, 2013 I will post an updated count down thread until:

    1. there's guidance given on nasdaq listing status
    2. we receive news of partnerships, data, trial advacements, etc
    3. dooms day, which then we pull back to low .50s mid .40s and have to buy more shares lol

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    • chevelle_69 Apr 4, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

      I just did a google search for Zalicus set to search for the past hour and it is listing their cHTS services....I don't see anything significant, probably updated that page on the website?

    • Garrett,

      You might be better served by calling Renz and asking him to highlight the Z160 vs. NMED160 pain data.

      If he can say, "What's even more exciting is that, in the animal models, Z160 bioavailability, at an equivalent dose, provides dramatic, statistically significant pain reduction compared to NMED160. This suggests that the increased bioavailability of Z160 will likely resolve the lack of analgesia previously seen in the NMED160 clinical trial."

      Margaret Lee should be able to confirm this, as she is presenting data in June. If we can get them to release this information, this resolves our sub dollar issue.

      We learned a lot from the Merck failure. Now, we just need the animal model data that Margaret Lee has in hand to be spelled out in very clear terms. If this clarification is an oversight, no wonder we are sub $1!

      If they intentionally are not revealing or hiding this OLD VS. NEW equivalent dose pain data, which makes absolutely no sense in light of having the bioavailability data and Z160 pain data in hand, we have a MAJOR ISSUE. This would reveal that bioavailability is not the primary reason for failure.

      11:10 State-Dependent Calcium Channel Blockers for Pain

      Margaret S. Lee, Ph.D., Vice President, Research & Translational Medicine, Zalicus, Inc

      With prolonged excitation, such as during chronic pain signaling, the relative proportion of voltage gated calcium channel inactivation increases. Specifically targeting the inactivated state offers an opportunity for pharmacological selectivity that may broaden therapeutic window, minimize adverse effects and increase efficacy. We have discovered novel, first-in-class calcium channel blockers that demonstrate enhanced potency for the inactivated state. Z160 and Z944, selective, state-dependent, N- and T-type calcium channel blockers respectively, demonstrate potent effects in nonclinical pain models. Both are currently in clinical development for pain indication

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