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  • scistats scistats Apr 5, 2013 3:56 AM Flag

    Mallet-to-Tesstukls Pain Model - NASDAQ Captial Mkt

    Thank God me little pet rat has Z160. He doesn't have to worry about gettin his tesstukls smashed with a bloody rotarod. Lucky little fella. Z160 block his neural signaling pathway brilliantly, even at low dose concentrations with bloody poor bioavailability. I would fancy to be him any day!

    But I ain#$%$ me own tesstukls I worry about lads! I fear ye Z160 won't block me pain signals to me brain, even with the 6 fold increase in bioavailability. Don't get me wrong lads. The Captain. The Captain...he's a bloody good man he is. But, Merck was sold a bill of goods based on NMED160 rat balls they well. They too fell in love with the Christopher Gallens rodent pain killer charts.

    Now Justin Renz is a touting the same bill of goods fellas. Only one things mak'in me pain go away, and its that a few fella felt some analgesia follow'in some high dose NMED160 back in the old days.

    I ask that we makes Justin to show us this human data he speaks of instead of the rat ball warmed over from Merck. Lads, he keeps saying fellas felt something with NMED160, but we need to know more about this than rat balls.

    Jim we could use those prisoners we they catch'em to try it out. I reckon down theres gonna be pain for them.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy