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  • lilduckdong lilduckdong Apr 17, 2013 7:29 PM Flag

    Anyone here of any buyout offer?

    Seems like they need a marketing specialist in there to help out the R&D crew. Thoughts?

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    • I should spell check before I Anyway, I was going through some comments off an article posted last November and there was speculation that Novartis could do a hostile takeover of Z for a bargain base price (that was when the stock was trading at $1.06). There were numbers being pitched around from $480-730 MM for a buyout. I certainly can see where there are some knocks on the door as the price is ridiculously low. They also mentioned that Mr. Foley was key in preventing a hostile takeover by Novartis. With Foley now rotated off the board, is this hostile takeover scenario a real possibility? I wonder if the numbers from six months ago are too low if a buyout were to ensue?

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      • lilduck, $480-730 MM was a good offer, did not look like a hostile takeover.

        Sentiment: Hold

        Zalicus being silent for long time, even did not release Z944 PI result.
        Prednisporin now is idle under sublicense.
        Recently Zalicus officers got nice exit package for a reason.
        After Synavive failed investors do not come back to ZLCS.
        Under current PPS Zalicus will not be able to raise enough fund to continue ICBs clinical study.
        Big pharma can own Z160, Z944, Z212 and the whole ICBs pipelines, Prednisporin, CHTS for a fraction of 500 million Merck spent for only Z160 parntering.
        Big pharma run out of patents, need new drugs especially non-narcotic pain drugs. FDA is pushing to have non narcotic pain drug. Icagen bought out, Convergence partnering, only Zalicus left.
        Recently departure of Board director Todd Foley who run MPM Novartis Fund.
        Zalicus got Patents for both Z160 and Z944.
        Corrigan is negotiating with some big pharma for partnership or buyout!

        Sentiment: Hold

    • yes i did hear, there was a buyout offer for .02 cents, yes, 2 pennies pps