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  • wildbullus wildbullus Apr 21, 2013 11:35 AM Flag

    Scistat, alias Stockdaug committed criminal act to this stock, now is still bashing ZLCS!

    In January, ZLCS PPS reached above .80. It would be above $1 soon, if Scistat alias Stockdaug did not write in SA with false information about Corrigan sold his stock.
    Couple weeks ago, this Scistat promised if Prednisporin does not advance to P3, he would disappear from this board. He lies again.
    Now he continues bashing ZLCS. But using more forgery mean and disclose his sentiment as "strong buy".

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    • Scistats barking madly, haha! Everyone watch out this mad Stockdaug poop!

    • Wildbull, first, you better watch the slander, especially if you are targeting the wrong person, which makes it slander. I did not write an SA article. Second, I ate crow for my FOV1101 prediction falling short, but I think it still has a chance. Big Red and I have been around here much longer than you have. Third, we have no bearing on this stock's outcome. Why don't you write and complain about Terry and his pain models? I think he is the one controlling this stock. He is the father of Z160. He sold the Captain on it. He is the scientific advisor. If you want to point a finger, go directly to the source, and ask him the hard questions. Why was NMED160 promoted when they knew bioavailability was so low in the first place? It would be above $1 if Scistats did not write an SA article? How about it would be above $1 if Exalgo was viable. How about it would be above $1 if Synavive was not shot behind the barn. How about it would be above $1 if Big Red's contract did not allow a sublicense stall out. Boy Wildbull, you really have it figured out don't you. What about if Justin Renz would show the data comparing Z160 vs. NMED160 animal model data to PROVE that the so called increase in bio availability actually makes a difference in the model data. Obviously Merck liked what they saw back in the day with is Z160 better in these models. THAT WOULD GET US OVER $1. Wildbull, you are just Wildbull-BS.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy