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  • rora1494 rora1494 Apr 25, 2013 5:13 PM Flag

    I admit...I'd try Z160 today...

    I couldn't bring myself to respond to Stockwaun/daug/lasar/scistats/zessia's post, but heck yeah. I would definitely try it..............just for the inside information ;-)

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    • Rora... I (We) respect you. It's obvious you are a faithful Zalican investor and we raise our paws to you!!
      What do we think about you trying the Z?
      Ha, Ha... Perhaps if it works maybe you can come back and tell us a good story. But I know the odds are against success. The trials could pass or fail... It means nothing to us. People who marry stocks are clueless... You Rora are a clueless Zalicus drone, just like Jason Napodanus,,, but thanks again for sharing your perspective!!!

      BTW: I'll always remember when daug ran through those flowered fields in France with Synabiscuit, BIG RED, and Gina, he often appeared euphoric... I MISS MY ONE EYED THREE LEGGED FRIEND!!!

      I invest to make money. No hero. No villain.

      My best to Stockwaun

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      • Ok...I usually ignore you, but I'll make an exception. I'm not married to Zalicus. If you've been following along, I sold most of my stake. I've done EXTREMELY well with ACAD, GALE, ASTX, BIIB, and most recently CPRX. Several of these are stocks that the Stockwaun/daug/lasar/scistats/zessia multiple personality order were supposedly in, proclaiming to be "LONG" with a "STRONG BUY" sentiment, only to completely abandon the stock several days or hours later. Did you actually make ANY MONEY on pretending to be long in these stocks? I didn't think so.

        I'm still hopeful for ZLCS, and I'll probably be back using some of my profits, but ZLCS is and always has been a LONG TERM GAMBLE for me. I've held core shares since Zalicus was Combinatorx, BUT I've always been willing to trade along side my core shares and, until recently, that's what I've done.