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  • garrettklein87 garrettklein87 Apr 26, 2013 3:15 PM Flag

    Merck and Pfizer, whose else is there? (IONS)

    question for the board :

    In 2012, Merck and Pfizer partnered with other pharmas for the ion channels..My question is can we scratch those 2 companies off the list? And what other big pharmas are interested in ion channel discovery?

    Btw - recent deals have been between 450-500 million. Imagine if PHN and LSR study are successful. Zlcs would be close to 6 or 7 per share lol .. along with Z944 = 10 per share ( i know it's a stretch but crazy to think about)

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    • Months ago I spent some time on just that issue .... There were a dozen or so companies I could find, US, Asia, and Euro. Most working on pain but few on other things. I cannot remember anyone of them striking me as being even or ahead of Z, but some were nipping at their heels.

    • Nothing wrong with hoping! A little optimism never hurt anybody.:

    • gar: That's why many of us are here, if an ICB hits its TTMA. There is nothing on he horizon that suggests that any of Z's ICB's has a problem, just a bunch of NN's worrying about the lack of outreach (a PC buzz word now od days) by management. Additionally the patents in waiting are serious business.
      When the tutes/investors bought in they knew the the situation perfectly, i.e. time line to bring a drug to fruition, cash burn and PPS volatility. That's why they make money, they take chances and don't get weak kneed every time an ill wind (SYN) blows. Far to many folks on this board are reacting to day to day factors. I'm a long term, go for the real money type, no bailing over mundane situations. Enough pontificating on my part but that is what I'm doing and will continue to do.
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