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  • Read the update. This is the way it works in Big Boy World. LPC is in and ZLCS has the financing they need to finish the long and arduous trek to the goal line. You may not like it but that's the way it is. The guys with the capital to invest get the heavy consideration.
    We just reap the fruits of their endeavors if they are right, and we are patient, albeit as a much lower percentage of profit.
    No matter how deep we/you are in most of us are still small potatoes. EOS
    Jim Long and calm

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Jimbo, i'm no where near 25 million invested, but Z is my largest.. lol

      this move was made by zlcs for numbers 1 and 2:

      1. they are placing their bets that at least one of z160 hits
      2. they need money for Z944

      this was a bold, arrogant, yet not surprising move by mgmt .. like u said hopefully the bets pay off. and also, as u mentioned, doesnt look like a RS is even up for consideration

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      • Gar: I sort of like arrogant. LOL Spent a lot of time being arrogant, way back when, because it cleared the air real quick. Never liked to be that way but some folks just never got the true picture. LOL
        I agree no RS unless!! I'm feeling very good about ZLCS right now.
        By the way have you seen the 2014 Vette? I don' t care for the design one bit, looks like cross between Lambo and a Tesla. What's the world coming to? When you compromise class for Bling things don't work out real well. LOL
        By the way do your home work on AA, if the econ goes as it appears its going they could be hot. I'm still undecided but intrigued.
        Jim Long and calm

        Sentiment: Strong Buy