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  • benimblebequick1 benimblebequick1 May 14, 2013 1:48 PM Flag

    ZLCS worse then the money market OUCH


    LOSING $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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    • I have 16 stocks, with only this POS down big and ANR a tad behind.

      Unlike Maw who has a profit, I am in at .73, .80, and like a F'n idiot, at $1.98 and never bailed when it hit $3+.

      The $3+ was my fault for relying on the hype by the guy who everyone despises and not following my gut feeling to get the heck out while the getting was easy.

      But, I figured, I need a spec stock and what the heck, this is as bad as any other speck, so, kick back and see what happens.

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      • Gen: That's almost a mimic of my situation and I watched that low life do it 3 times. Shame on me. He'd pump it and pump it and then throw a bomb out and the NN's would panic with no info to backi it up except the SYN situation. My chippers and a couple of spec's have had the best year in a decade or two and poor old Z just waddles along. But I'm hanging with this puppy until it hits or flops. The funny part is I keep averaging down and the next thing I know I have average down again. Now I've ended up with more shares of ZLCS than any other two of the holding put together with a lower total value.
        By the way he's playing the same game right now but this time the folks are up to his antics.
        Jim Long and calm

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • i still have a 12 cent profit
      i'll hold a while longer

      Sentiment: Hold