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  • pattonjim95 pattonjim95 May 16, 2013 6:23 PM Flag

    944 in clinic

    Enough of this crud about Z-944 and ZLC's not releasing the data. In plain, straight forth English, they state in the 8-K , " that is continuing progress in the clinic". That is about as clear as it can get.
    If you can't put two and two together its time to reevaluate your position in ZLCS. If something had gone wrong they would have never said that.
    I've read as many posts as I care to about the so called lack of info on Z-944. There that is not there and that is the fact. Some folks, on this board, are starting to look fairly foolish.
    Jim Long and calm

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I meant to say "there is no there, there". I was redacting my original typing and errored.
      Jim Long and calm

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Z944 Presented at the American Pain Society 2013 Annual Meeting

      Z944 is a novel, oral, state-dependent, selective T-type calcium channel blocker that has demonstrated preclinical efficacy in multiple inflammatory pain models. T-type calcium channels have been recognized as key targets for therapeutic intervention in a broad range of cell functions and have been implicated in pain signaling. Zalicus completed Phase 1 single and multiple ascending dose clinical studies evaluating the safety and tolerability of Z944 in late 2012 and plans to continue further clinical development during 2013.

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    • Jim it looks like you have been holding Zalicus for several years and remain so called Long and Calm.

      That would mean you have held from $3 range all the way down to current 60 cents.

      Per my previous post it is rather obvious that ZLCS will most likely head to the 40-50 cent range after the Reverse Split is approved in a few weeks.

      Now ask yourself who is the foolish one?

    • xyzsimpleasabc •

      he's not being foolish . . .
      he's just tired of newbies thinking that they know more about Zalicus then himself.
      he's tired of the butterfly effect that stockwaun and his circus built on 'ole Z

      take somethin' illegal into your blood stream and relax for 42 hours. your going like frogs and dogs.