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  • tabecounted1 tabecounted1 Jun 9, 2013 3:25 PM Flag


    A return to Game 1 in Chicago---great atmosphere sportsfans!! After the anthem in Game 1 2010-I was ready to suit up and hit somebody!!! For a guy who dabbles in watching hockey--I have to say the playoffs are really fine TV......Last night's game-double OT--Kane--once again a hero-absolute killer shot...LA's goal with 4 seconds left---equally tremendous................

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    • It was an amazing game with over one hundred hits between both teams. LA was hitting alot more and there was some high sticking going on. A truly physical game and Kane got the hat trick off. It's graceful to watch how the teams skate on ice. They seem to have uniform training on a global level.

      My whole neighborhood exploded with fireworks right after the win. It was like the Fourth of July. Loud booms and rockets going off all over the place. Everybody was wearing a jersey around here and off course those cars with the hawks flyers on them. This city is going to rock the whole series long. Bruins will be bringing their drama on ice.

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      • Lil--I didn't mention the physical play. Did not see the whole game---what I saw-true--LA dudes were hitting for real!!! Hey-good for you and the neighborhood and Chicago! 2010-Chi and Philly were knocking the #$%$ outta each other!! Toews to Kane-that's a nice combo....Kane kinda smily cool-reminds me some of Joe Montana--and you know how that story turned out! Neat for the city to have a winner--most everybody feels a little better.....

    • Tab: Someone a series back, maybe Ranger, maybe Navy, made the comment that the Hawks looked like the Russkis back in the day. They have done that in spurts throughout the playoffs. If they keep it up it should be entertaining, two great teams kicking each others tails for 7 games in my guess. No sweeps here. JMHU
      Jim Log and calm Go Hawks

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