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  • xyzsimpleasabc xyzsimpleasabc Jun 10, 2013 10:30 AM Flag

    Not looking too good Jim

    Reverse split now a reality and will take place before Nasd delisting date. Z944 is only going to 1b phase as a token gesture. Only thing left is Z160 and they will do reverse split before they provide results.

    This stock will slowly drift into the 40 cent range.

    Remember the 8-K with LPC basically states that they would be willing to sell shares for 41 cents a share.

    'Thereafter, on any business day and as often as every other business day over the 24-month term of the Purchase Agreement, and up to an aggregate amount of an additional $23,000,000 (subject to certain limitations) in shares of Common Stock, the Company has the right, from time to time, at its sole discretion and subject to certain conditions to direct LPC to purchase up to 500,000 shares of Common Stock. The purchase price of shares of Common Stock pursuant to the Purchase Agreement will be based on prevailing market prices of Common Stock at the time of sales without any fixed discount, and the Company will control the timing and amount of any sales of Common Stock to LPC, but in no event will shares be sold to LPC on a day the Common Stock closing price is less than $0.40 per share, subject to adjustment. In addition, the Company may direct LPC to purchase additional amounts as accelerated purchases if on the date of a regular purchase the closing sale price of the Common Stock is not below $0.50 per share.'

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    • So I suppose that I shall be thankfull to many (No Jim) in this post.
      C'mon guys...
      Give me da cheapy shares!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • xyz:
      At some point in your life you will understand the legalities of 8-K filings. There have to be definitive statements presented, no lose ends allowed. Hence the $.41.
      Jim Long and calm

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Just look at what the R/S did for Echo Therapeutics Inc a few days ago. That was a 10/1 split. These PUMPTARDS know what's up. They just want to PUMP this one last time before it dumps. Long & Calm....yeah right.

    • Risks of a R/S

      A 10/1 split would yield a share price of approximately $5.70-$6.00

      A 10/1 split is also going to make the EPS go from -$.32 to -$3.20

      This could make for an attractive short interest play..

      If shorts rip this below today’s current $.40 equivalent (under $4 after a 10/1 R/S.

      Then what?

      They will not be able to raise money through Lincoln Park Capital

      If they lose the ability to raise additional capital by 2014 they may run out of cash

      We could wind up right back at $.60 with 1/10th of the shares.

      No R/S should occur prior the completion of phase 2b clinical trials of Z160

      If the results of trial are good then perhaps delisting can be avoided,

      Time to begin exploring the option of a buyout

      Sentiment: Hold