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  • pattonjim95 pattonjim95 Jun 12, 2013 10:07 AM Flag

    Just a question or two:

    First, why is there so much focus on Z-944 when Z-160 will, if successful, get to the approval panel vote much sooner than Z-944? I honestly don't understand that, and I do like Z-944.
    Second, for the true Bio guys, if you are looking at a cutting edge Biotech that is still below the radar, with an experienced management team and an industry changing product in development who might that be. I opted out of SE this AM and may break my vow of never getting into an other Bio.
    Jim Long and calm

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I agree Jim. The T-type Ca2+ channel blockers (Z-944) are still quite speculative (not the existence of the channels but their link to pain). I have not kept up with recent studies' however, most seem only to "implicate" that T-type Ca2+ channels play a role in the expression of the neuropathic state and "may be" targets for neuropathic pain. So my concern is not so much in the drug design but whether or not sufficient science links the blocking of T-type channels to blocking pain signals. I think the jury is still out on understanding this mechanism. The N-type channel blockers (Z-160) on the other hand have been known for some time to interrupt/control pain signals and numerous drugs on the market demonstrate this relationship. So for now, we should focus on Z-160. Although the design of the Z-160 is novel, it is targeting a pathway that has been documented in controlling pain. Z-944 may bind to T-type Ca2+ channels and even interrupt T-type signaling very well, but may not control pain...we simply do not have enough information. Someone more learned on T-type channels which in the past have been targeted for the treatment of epilepsy might provide a bit more guidance.


    • Jim--
      Consider THLD.. it's more your style, I think. (NWBO is kinda out there in voodoo land)
      THLD has solid management, no hype, under-the-radar, a big-pharma partner, large institutional percentage holding, lots of cash, two on-going phase 3 trials currently. It is cutting edge in cancer tx, but not earth-shattering. High potential reward, but much less risk than NWBO (as I suggested earlier)

    • Very cutting edge, potential industry-changing technology, very cheap valuation,, VERY high risk with VERY high reward:

      It could change medicine as we know it, or, as you know, not so

    • z944 was hush hush by the company just saying it will advance and now we know to phase 1b. if you look at the path z160 took to get to where it is today with the reformulation it is a considerable amount of time. z944 looks to be on a similar path only time will tell. with that time comes money to finance these developements. with that comes dillution and now a possible r/s. we are running out of both time and money!

    • 944 --- P2 was the next event on the table. P1b is just the whipping post.
      Cutting edge -- with the FDA loaded with lackies of Big Pharma who's drugs are at risk by "cutting edge", the risks are high. ie -- don't bite the hand that fed or will feed you in the future. JMO