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  • pattonjim95 pattonjim95 Jun 13, 2013 4:16 PM Flag

    Ranger:OT NWBO.

    If the rest of the market, sans ZLCS, would repeat todays performance about 10 times in a row I'll be spending next winter on the beach in Tahiti. LOL What a day for the chippers.
    Ranger do you have any info on the track record of NWBO's top dog Linda F. Powers? I read her bio, very impressive, but any one sitting on as many boards as she does sort of raises a flag for me. I'd sure like to know if there is a pattern to her involvement.
    NWBO is defiantly a risky situation but that's what makes the game fun.
    Jim Long and calm

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    • Where do I start? Linda Powers is on a mission, a personal quest to cure cancer. She is very well-known and respected in the industry. NWBO has been a problem-child (like ZLCS), always short of money, requiring dilutions and reverse splits. She has personally invested nearly $40 million of her own money into this company and has, in effect, kept it afloat. It has had dilutions and reverse splits, and some previous failures, and that's why it has only 30 million shares and has a low market cap. It's newest product is D-Vax Direct.
      Slowly but surely, immunotherapy treatment for cancer seems viable. The leaders are SGEN, CLDX,and NLNK and right behind is IMUC and others (after DNDN opened the gate) . All of them are targeting cancer immunotherapy, and are targeted towards specific cancers. What makes NWBO's DVax Vaccine different than the rest is that it is broadly applicable to the vast majority of cancers, as it revs the body's immune system T cells fight the cancer cells specific to that individual. Most of vaccine immunotherapy is specific to only certain subtypes (such as monoclonal antibody) and, for example, applicable to, say, only 45% of Glioblastoma patients (IMUC), whereas Dvax direct --if it works--would be applicable to 100% of such patients.
      The view in the cancer world is that we are changing the cancer battle to include these immune-enhancing vaccines, in addition to traditional chemotherapy and surgery. It's a new front in the war. And there are a lot of companies out there. NWBO's D-Vax is shooting for the stars. The German government is giving money for trials there. And now M.D. Anderson is taking the plunge. This trial is very different than almost anything else ever done. It's open label, for ALL solid tumors, to see if they shrink, and find out if there really is magic here.
      IF D-Vax direct really shrinks tumors and has no side effects (believed to be true), then it could become part of the standard Cancer regimen. A 100-bagger? Or Voodoo? lol

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      • Ranger: Thanks for the excellent response. Now I need to look at how bad the COH vs how long the rest of the trials should take etc. MS Powers sounds like the type of manager they need. I just didn't know if she was an inside raider or what.
        My guess is some of my not so hard earned cash may be headed that way. I swore I'd never ding around with an other Bio but I'm starting to enjoy them. LOL
        Jim Long and calm

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