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  • tabecounted1 tabecounted1 Jun 19, 2013 11:13 AM Flag


    When Jim has said---LONG AND CALM-you didn't think it would be this long, right?
    The mention of ACAD here, might be thought for re-assessment...A stock than lingers below 2.00 for 4 years or so--then bam---and hold---another bam on top!! The buy and hold of that stock are of course-real happy.

    Saying that--perhaps these important Phase 2 Z160 trials--are clearly not end of story! It's possible 2014 and not 2013 will be bigger here. Just a thought with the pipeline of Zalicus.
    But no doubt-upcoming LSR RESULTS HIGHLY IMPORTANT......It just may not be end of story-NO MATTER THE RESULTS!

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    • Tab: No, I never thought it would be this long. I also didn't think that moron Daug could pull off those stunts and crash the stock four times. Think about this. If that pump and dump crud when ZLCS was around $3.30 hadn't happened and the subsequent run for the doors by the uneducated had not taken place ZLCS would have stayed around the $2.50/$2.90 area. That said then the effect of the Syn discontinuance, remember it wasn't a failure, it was a lack of the ability to create Sea Change in the market thereby diminishing its economic impact on the industry, would have probably taken ZLCS down to the $1.80/$2.40 area.
      Without a question the MM's and electronic traders, assisted by the likes of Daug and all of his alter egos, along with clowns like Cramer, have manipulated ZLCS to almost a criminal degree. Now no one in the SEC gives a hoot about the manipulation of a Biotech that's trading below a buck so riding it out is the only coarse of action other than bailing. As I don't have any reason to think ZLCS is not going to present an industry changing product I will remain calm and Long and not bail.
      Of coarse it would have been a stoke of genius to bail and buy back in and hang on and wait for TTMA.
      If I had 20/20 hind sight, as many of the posters appear to have, I'd have 5.5 times as many shares as I have now and would have run for a seat on the board, not really.
      Jim Long and calm

      Sentiment: Strong Buy