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  • ranger43a ranger43a Jul 2, 2013 12:50 PM Flag

    Slow walk-up?

    This 1-2 cent per day walk-up reminds me of the same walk-down we went through, only in reverse.
    This could mean several things: maybe nothing (lol), maybe Z wants the price higher before R/S, maybe there's good news soon and they want the price higher before the announcement in order to gap the price to over $1. That would be nice. Then the Z160 pre-announcement run could take it up to $1.40, just like with Synavive.

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    • Ranger: I'm getting tired of bumping my head on $.60 its almost as if there is a plethora of folks out there that are happy cranking half penny trades. I'm going fishing do me a favor and this thing over $.60 while I'm gone, I know you can do it. LOL
      Jim Long and calm

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    • If the run-up is not easily past 1.40, Ranger--I'd be showing doubt....I'm going with Cobala here---no r/s---well over a dollar might be later than August though.....$10? Why the heck not-for break-thru pain medicine!!!
      I got one foot in Jim's camp----TTMA is still possible---IMHO......

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    • with this stealth climb,price will be over $1 by august and R/S will not occur. z160 positive results will send price towards $10.then the buyout stories will start