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  • cobalaa09 cobalaa09 Jul 11, 2013 2:22 PM Flag

    maybe z160 works,,,maybe it DOESNT market seems to think.....


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    • No, review your history.
      The market will wait for news.
      As an example, CELG pre-year 2000.
      What you are seeing with ZLCS is the same, background noise of a binary stock.
      It is obvious that you want into ZLCS lower than the current PPS. Say in the 40's.
      Nothing wrong with this, but fess up.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to scistats
      • The all-in strategy here is to expect at least one scenario that's comes out of the west... when everyone is looking east.

        1. I contend Arena will get a buyout offer at the first hint of good take up. This is a given because somewhere some drug company is salivating about the entire Arena intellectual basket. By mine and other experiences we know big pharma is obligated to hunt savory prey young so that can control the research as well as sales. I also will add that Arena will rebuke an early advance (offer) just because they CAN. This could be the windfall everyone dreams about, only here its possible and probable. I'm aware every pumper says buyout. But anyone who's been around knows this is a likely event.

        2. Over the next 90 days I predict that Arena will announce a partnership that's "substantial" with a partner who goes where Eisai don't and where the rules are different. This could be into Indonesia, China, Africa and points beyond. I would suspect this is a card smart management might be holding in the event sales are less than astounding. as insurance. News like that can also magnify a good launch into what most of us expect .. a blockbuster.

        ARNA has the right product and critical mass market. but they also have more options than a cat has lives.

      • trust me dauggy i wouldnt buy this garbage at .10 its #$%$ a failure and soon gone

    • Seems that the market also thinks the only thing Belviq shrinks is your brain.