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  • johnnybgood270 johnnybgood270 Jul 17, 2013 4:08 PM Flag

    Corrigan was spotted eating a 48oz bone-in ribeye at nearby eatery

    he is collecting his HUGE salary, wityout a care in the world, all the while this #$%$ is heading for closure and bankruptcy.

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    • JB: Come on man. The old man has more to lose than any of the folks on this board. On top of that a man with his credentials usually packs in a whole lot more than he does. He is in it to win it for more than monetary gratification, he knows that there are social implications far beyond making money.
      After all its just money if it was that important everyone would be hoarding it. But we don't some spend it for immediate gratification, some maintain a moderate life style to save and feel secure, some play the games at the casinos, some stay between all those options etc. and some actually try to better mankind through their efforts. Think about Jonas Saulk.
      Jim Long and calm

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