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  • slugboy85 slugboy85 Jul 18, 2013 11:28 AM Flag

    OT: Jim

    You noticing any slow down in the economy the last couple of weeks? I'm seeing it across the board here -- medical, industrial, retail. auto.

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    • Jim, Slug, etc.:

      You are in the wrong part of the country. I am starting to feel guilty that I have been raising my prices steadily and no push back. Get every job I bid. Thinking about jumping back into Zalicus to park my summer earnings.

      Overall market fundamentals are terrible on a macro basis. Looking for the big crash but I think it may be a year or two away.

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      • Fame: My business isn't in the wrong part of the country, we are a world wide vendor with about 85% of the total in the USA. So national policy effects our clients severely which in turn effects us.
        After I read Sci's last post I came to the conclusion that he graduated at the top of his class at "Spin School". LOL
        Jim Long and calm

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    • it is rough out here slug,,,only up 634,534 since june 24, z holding me back. F HAL helping

    • There is a huge disconnect in our economy right now. Unemployment figures are obviously accurate in the sense that they are calculated a specific way, but, far too many of the fully employed are, in fact, structurally unemployed and working random full time jobs to make ends meet. And, worse yet, Detroit may be more of a first than an aberration going forward when one looks across the nation at the underfunded obligations of the local, state and federal government(s). We have a huge mess on our hands that no one wants to look squarely in the eye and get real about. It's as though we are a bunch of frogs sitting in a kettle unable to acknowledge that the water is getting really really hot. My rant for the day...

    • Slugger: We were doing fine for a while and then the bottom fell out of everything. Their is no magic as to the reason, I hate to get political but the amateur in the Big House and his appointees are totally out of control. I truly apologies to the folks I asked to keep this board politically neutral but at some point even the most controlled folks start to get frustrated.
      Every client we talk to are absolutely ticked at their bankers they can't finance anything.
      Market is roaring but in the real world there are very dark clouds on the horizon. If my company had any debt I'd be in the bankers office working up a new deal pronto and they probably wouldn't go for it. Their scared also.. An absolute crying shame. The greatest country in history with the greatest economic engine ever and this is happening, a lot of us will weather the storm but a number of us will just blow a way in the wind. Again a crying shame. Again my apologies. Sorry. And by the way when that happens the market will tank big time and I'm an blooming optimist.
      Jim Long and as calm as ever with ZLCS, not with the rest of the market.

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      • This time of year we normally have a two week backlog, I'm down to six days. Holding up OK but just seem strange considering the "reported GDP growth".
        ---Paddler, we are in the same situation, many industries serviced and typical vacation time slow down, orders just came to a trickle, if this AM is an indication, things look to be picking up again. GL to all.

      • Slug & Jim,
        Just had a sales meeting today & discussed this very topic. Lots of people reported things were a bit slower but overall our company is doing very well. I am still busy with my best year ever. We normally see things slow down this time of year while people are on vacations. I anticipate it getting hot and heavy again in September. We cover a broad range of industries so our net is pretty wide.