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  • stockreactor stockreactor Jul 24, 2013 11:02 AM Flag

    How many of you...

    Believe Z160 works???

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    • The biological evidence suggests that Z160 might work at the 30% pain reduction level or greater, which would be a success for the indications being evaluated.

      However, pain model evidence in lab animals frequently fails to bear out in humans. Christopher Gallen said the odds from day 1 are 1% chance of success for neurological drugs. Z160 is well beyond day 1. I think we have somewhere in the ballpark of a 20% chance of a successful phase 2 for each trial. These odds are outstanding for a novel neurological med, but one trial might fail and the other succeeds.

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    • Without solid advanced trial data this question is not relevant. All drugs that look good in preclinical studies eventually make it to PI at least, and possibly PII. But the success rate for positive PIII studies and FDA approval remains quite low. So preclinical data is unremarkable. Further, what we believe will have no bearing on the trail results nor should it have any bearing on whether you remain invested. Biopharmas are a #$%$ shoot... there is no way around that. Either plan to suck it up and see it through or move on to GE or the utilities where your money is much safer. Trying to get a consensus from the masses on Z160 may sooth your soul but it will not afford you any better assessment of the potential for approval.


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      • Sorry my friend but I do not agree with you for the following reason.

        ZLCS pps is such a joke that you would be surprise to find it even under your xmas tree.
        What's the reason for that?

        Considering some of the answers here, Z160 looks like very promising( refers to Merk data, bio-avaibility issue solved...)

        So why it looks like the big money are out of this right now?

        It's a very import question : believe or not
        If you believe then you invest, if not you simply don't.

        Since many here believes that the trials results will be good, the only thing to do in this very moment is accumulating since the pps sure worth a big bet.

        If there's a positive sentiment about Z160 results then the expectation and anticipation pps bump will be funny to ride and consequently it's quite safe taking a position now

        If big guys do not believe in Z160, then the run up will be very difficult to be accomplished but as I already said IMHO they do.

        We have a minimum 400%+ here if Z160 PII results are good enough and in few months we'll know it.

        Then I like to think that positive news bring other positive news and then we'll finally hear about FOV1101 advancement and maybe Novartis moving forward some compound...
        ..IF...and only IF things go like this then it's a TTMA!!!

        I'm very excited!!!

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      • I hate to to say this but you are 100% right with your post. I have realized that biopharmas are more volitile than I thought they would be. Whenever Z went down I would search the message boards for any positive thoughts to calm my fears. I am to far into Z now to pull out so I guess I will have to suck it up and see Z to the end victory or big time loss. THANKS FOR THE REALITY CHECK.

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    • I am sure Z160 is very strong pain med!

      Preclinical study showed it equals to 10mg Morphine.
      Merck study showed some patients had pain relief when concentration high enough.
      One Texas center showed one patient on Z160 had only 2 on pain scale, while the other on placebo dropped out.

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    • Would anyone be holding this stock if they didn't think Z160 was going to work?

    • I have to believe that z160 works. I have to much invested in z160 for it not to work. I feel that I am in a frustrating limbo world waiting for the results.

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    • i do

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    • chevelle_69 Jul 24, 2013 11:10 AM Flag


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