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  • jkwelli jkwelli Jul 26, 2013 5:29 PM Flag

    Opinions On What is Going To Happen?

    What are your opinions on what is going to happen with ZLCS on earnings, after earnings?

    If Z160 doesn't pan out, is that the end of ZLCS or can it continue on?

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    • If Z160 doesn't pan out, ZLCS is in trouble. If you buy this company, you are "betting" Z is going to be a success. Early on, it looks good but there is a long way to go. Like pattonjim suggests, this is a lone, I mean long term hold that requires quite a bit of patience.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • There will be very little effect from Exalgo revs as most will go to their partner.

    • With this type of stock ,earnings are inconsequential. No one is in this thing for normal organic growth. If so they are fools. I mean look at their metrics... 5x Price to sales; 3X price to book; astronomically negative operating margins and return on assets; miniscule royalties from Exalgo etc. People are investing in this as if it were a start up company and because of the potential ZLCS has in its pipeline. I would like to emphasize the term 'potential'. The first impotant leg is the PII data. PI following positive preclinical is a given. The rubber starts to hit the road in the PII data; though the lions share of drugs fail at PIII. Z944, the T-type calcium channel blocker for acute and inflammatory pain is not a well proven mechanism. Much of Z-944 is predicated upon supposition so I have less faith in Z-944 than in Z-160. This stock is a risk and there is no way around that. However to get back to your original question, the earnings report is really meaningless for ZLCS and I do not expect much of a move either way.