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  • mathwizcity mathwizcity Aug 8, 2013 3:48 PM Flag

    Insights on Zalicus?


    Well, to be completely honest I am new to the trading game. I bought several shares @ .81 which was probably not the best of ideas.

    What do you guys think will happen with Zalicus over the next few weeks? I'd like to hold this for the long term as it seems a better choice IMO.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • You might want to read Jason Napodano's past analysis articles of Z. He sheds some excellent light into the company. I think the company could get bought out somewhere before final data is delivered or a huge partnership would happen. The market holds huge potential for Z. As Justin Renz stated in the recent report that there are many short term investors in Z (retailers) that ride momentum.

      You will find this board to be split among those who would opt for a buyout and those who only want the company to hold the product rights and not sell out too cheaply in their opinion. Jason thinks a buyout in the $5-10 range would be appropriate at this time. But hey, now that you have joined us as an 'owner' of this company, you can bicker with us about what you think we should do with it. Forget the shorts, they don't own the company and just want us to fail.....which we won't!

    • zlcs is undervalued considering its potential but like every biotech small-cap it is very speculative and can go up and down on shallow news.

      you shouldnt touch biotech until u r ready to lose everything as i am. i bought at .80 and im disappointed it dropped but because biotech is so volatile it can make it up overnight. few industries have that kind of mobility. so i wouldnt be too upset. if it hits .5 and bad news on the next phase then sell, not worth losing all your money.

    • 81 cents will be about 4x less what it would be worth based on good data.....EVEN in a run to 1.00
      which can happen easily to prevent a r/s...LONG TERMERS will not sell until COMPLETE data is concrete

    • In the very least, you will be able to make your money back. I will be absolutely shocked if the stock doesn't get back to 81 cents between now and October. I'll be pretty shocked if it doesn't hit $1.

      The deal with Z-160 comes down to efficacy. We know it is well tolerated, and with the new formulation, we know that it has excellent bio-availality, which was why it was originally scrapped by Merck.

      The market will treat this as a make or break catalyst, so like slug says, you'll make huge bank or lose most of it. So understand your risk before holding through the catalyst. Might be wise to take some profit off the top before it arrives if you want to take the risk.

    • There are some pretty good posts on this message board about Zalicus. I'm not saying they are right or wrong but some thought was put into the messages. Personally, I'm going long on this...October should have news (trials) that could strongly affect the value of the company.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Welcome to the ZBA.... brother Tabe will be contacting you with yoyur membership package.
      Serious -- if you can afford to hold to see how 160 works out, it is not a bad option. The way I see it, it is either worth 5+ or a dime. I'm betting the pass line but do what you feel comfortable with.