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  • pattonjim95 pattonjim95 Aug 23, 2013 3:43 PM Flag

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    Does anyone on this board think the Meesoo stupid has an once of intelligence? Or adds any thing to this board? Could be a good end an uneventful day. The all time number of posts might be a possibility for this question. Keep it piffiy. LOL

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    • Jim y'all ain't piffiy Where's the UP, I guess it's MI. Are you just into message boards or do really know something about Z,,, & don't give me that "you's pays yo money, you take's takes yo chances" ...stuff. already know that,,,,

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      • 1 Reply to dlbrew58
      • dbrew: The UP is the part of Michigan that the map makers have occasionally left off the US map, that's not a joke its really happened. Its above bridge and the folks up here are known as Yoopers, the folks in Michigan that live below the bridge are known as Trolls. LOL I also spend time at my other home in Texas.
        As to Zalicus, this the only one of my stocks that I pay close attention to. The others are Chippers and are long term buy and hold situations. Barring a dramatic change in the financial world.
        I'm very familiar with the history of Zalicus/CRXX/Terry Snutch and ICB's in general and am of the opinion that Zalicus and other ICB's will create a Sea Change in the treatment world. I am neither a chemist or Bio guy and I NEVER comment on the science of the business other than to remind someone of information that has surfaced in a presentation or Q report.. I do feel that I am fairly perceptive and am able to process information of a complex nature. And Zalicus's pipeline s defiantly complex.
        Zalicus started as a sort of hobby with my and morphed into something very serious and fairly expensive. I guarantee you that 5 years ago if someone told me I'd have a vested interest, of the magnitude its become, in a small fledgling Bio Tech I'd told them they nuts.
        I only use other boards to research stocks and very rarely chime in on them, almost never.
        Jim Long and calm

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    • It is really sad when someone like meesoo who has no friends and the only way he can get anyone to notice him is to act like a fool. A VERY SICK PERSON.

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    • JIm, the way he is with you make me laugh... kinda like a grade school boy that has a crush and the only way he know how to show it is to act out. I know I should feel bad for finding the humor in it, but I just cannot. Besides -- he way a much better personality in the day --- he has lost his edge... Boredom, old age, low T, ED, just a few thoughts as to why. You do handle him like a virtuoso handle as violin... kudos.

    • I'll have what you're drinking -grin, I hate reading some of my posts in the morning too.
      My take on meesoo is he's just out for any attention he can get. When you sometimes put him in the same league with daug, even his knock-off Viagra makes his erection last longer than four hours.

    • I'll keep it pithy....LOSER! LOL

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    • chevelle_69 Aug 23, 2013 3:47 PM Flag

      Adds nothing, but I do like calling him @#$ Jack.