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  • coballatoo coballatoo Sep 5, 2013 7:58 AM Flag

    Good Morning Zalicans


    I apologize if I went off on some people. I also want to let you know that wacouc_z, kitty, fins and the rest of the old Zalicans know the deal. They sold on you above .80 cents. It was too tempting at .90's. Warcoach has 600k shares alone, add kitty and the rest of the gang and 2-3 million shares were dumped from within. It stalled any upward momentum because they were content with a penny flip. Look at warcoac_z now. He flipped n the bashing swtich. I don't need to do that. I tell you like it is because I am no politician, I have a bankers mind. I say Obama screws you and he will. No need to fight in Syrian war. UN should do their part. Now our whole market and you and I suffer. I say it sarcastically knowing I can get in cheap because many will use it to their advantage. You know what I am saying is true. So, do you want me to talk bs or you want honesty? I can bash or pump if you like. You see, after you been through what i have, you realize sides are stupid. You have to be honest. You have too. So if i pump or bash and you don't like it whatever. Enjoy your day. I hope it goes up for those who want and for those who want it to go down the same. Ok.

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