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  • kevinvaughn1 kevinvaughn1 Sep 9, 2013 4:22 PM Flag

    Nobody knows anything. This stock is a gamble. Nothing more.

    Will the trial go well? We hope it does but we won't know until they announce it. In the mean time we have the pumpers and dumpers that talk ZLCS up or down. I bought at .59 and sold at .80. If it goes down I will buy more and put a stop on it. If it goes up I will be disappointed. Its simply a gamble. It seems though that there is a better chance at good news then bad news based on the info we have but anything can happen. If it drops back to 72 I will go back in and keep my fingers crossed.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • That's what I thought of Acad you moron. I did exactly what you did and sold ACAD at 1.50 a share-now it's $23 a share. Have patience and faith and hold onto your shares-otherwise go to Vegas and let it ride on the roulette wheel...

    • Yes, a gamble. But in the same sense that horse race handicapping is a gamble. Still, a good handicapper makes a very nice living winning more often than losing, and does that by knowing the horses and the field and the track that day.

      This is not roulette. Not by a long shot. Unless you're playing with a blindfold on.

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    • bhuston77 Sep 9, 2013 6:07 PM Flag

      Every stock is a gamble, when you put it that way. The difference between ZLCS and AAPL is the risk/reward. I'd say you have the tolerance be in now given that you're swing trading this issue, so why not hop in. Today's action suggests we go higher.

    • You are very correct as in any biopharma the investor is looking at about a 50/50 shot. I think with Zalicus the odds are a touch better for a few reasons too long to list but stil no better than a 65% chance absolute tops. I've bet on VIVUS twice (lost big the 1st time), ARNA, ISIS and SRPT. I do like to gamble so don't bet on my advice. I risked a fair bit two weeks in a row on Bowling Green. Came out ahead so my luck may be running thin.

      Many on this sight sure do post as if they have an inside angle one way or another. Would like to know their sources.
      I'm betting higher for now and for concrete reason.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy