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  • iknightu iknightu Sep 9, 2013 10:22 PM Flag


    Round 1 didn't go completely the way it was suppose too, Exalgo got approval which was great and took this stock from .40 to $4 but royalties weren't enough to give the stock great value but it kept us from going out of business and will keep us surviving until our own drug get approval without sharing royalties this time. If you actually think about it the stock is .80 and you are getting 2 companies because Zalicus merged so you getting each one for .40 each and a drug that got FDA approval and getting royalties. I always said Zalicus has a great management team and knows how to get FDA approval and has experience. We are getting close to data that could turn everything back on track and if it comes in with could go back to $4 before you could blink and could go much higher if approved which I will give an 85% chance. I've been in for Round 1 and understand everything that happened and Zalicus couldn't do anything but work hard to come out with another drug.I've been invested for many years and feel this is the time to either average in and take advantage of under $2, how many Biotech companies under $1 that has a drug approval and a great pipeline. Good Luck