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  • yborcat Sep 10, 2013 6:51 AM Flag

    the truth

    when the BIG BANG happened,two things were created,the universe we live in,and a lot of idiots,both things are here today,the universe has expanded,and so are the numbers of idiots,infact there are so many idiots out there,that i found some of them bashing othe biotech companies,and a couple of them are familiar to us because they are always bashing ZLCS,you see folks,i invest in different companies,but those idiots prefer to trash biotech companies,so what i think is that sometimes in their past,they were part of an experiment,they were trying to turn an idiot into a normal person,so they perfomed a lobotomy on them,and that's why they hate the biotech companies,of course the experiment failed,because they are still stupid,AMEN

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