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  • scistats scistats Sep 10, 2013 4:36 PM Flag

    Z160 on target.

    Captain said no side effects of consequence as both trials pass the half way mark and move toward completion. Read between the lines, minor sensations reported tell us that Z160 is active, on target, and doing its thing. They got the dose spot on.

    Nice close today.

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    • Where did you retrieve that dat from, Daug? You are back. You got me when this rose to $3.21, so I had to hang around until last week to make up the loss and make 3k.

      If you are posting results, T I M B E R!!!!!!

    • When he was talking about the safety database growing from 250 patients to 450, was it me, or could you hear the excitement in his voice. It seemed hard for him to contain it. I think it's around 10 mins into the Webcast.

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    • Hey Sci
      How is that one eyed daug doing these days? Is his pencil sharp and is he practicing his capital Z's?

    • What is going on with your BIG RED?

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      • Sanofi has been giving a lot of small pharma's trouble these days. They bought Genzyme but failed to keep 'Genzyme promises'. Still, FOV1101 remains literally on the top their phase 2 pipeline, among only a few select candidates (following some candidate cutbacks by the way). Now would be a great time for Big Red to make an appearance, but based on what Captain is saying, Z160 can go it alone at this point.

        He suggests that some patients have reported mild responses/sensations to Z160, other than simply the absence of pain. He was not talking about concerning side effects, there are none, but something else. This little tid-bit of news tells us that we have activity and the bioavailability leading to it. So, this is actually more than a tid-bit of news, it is substantial. Since Z160 is target specific and binds channels in a state associated with pain, a hint that we have activity is important in terms of knowing if this candidate works.

        The worst outcomes would either be major side effects or no effect at all. We are almost out of the major side effects woods. The minor effects, or perhaps 'sensations' that Captain subtly alluded to, is the single most informative part of his talk. I would expect some sensations, and it sounds like this is what we are getting! We are talking about competing with morphine here, and remember the song, "And the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at all."

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    • Yeah the close was good and we are maintaining that range for the most part, which should lead to some good green shortly.

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