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  • hwsimpsonshero hwsimpsonshero Sep 12, 2013 10:46 AM Flag

    Enrollment completed September 3. Results will not come before October 7.

    I'm as bullish as the next guy here, but there's some pretty heavy b.s. being floated around. Enrollment completion means that the last patient has enrolled; not that the study was completed. That alone right there tells you that the data will not come before October 7. That final patient enrolled on September 3 will be in the study for 6 weeks. That would put trial completion at October 15. How can data come out if the last patient hasn't even completed the study?

    Secondly, it typically takes about 6 weeks to tally top-line data. In other words, expect data around the end of November. Possibly mid-November, but that would be the earliest.

    Personally, I doubt a reverse split will have the horrible, destructive effect that bashers are trying to suggest that it will. We have an extremely significant, transformative catalyst for a potential billion-dollar drug upcoming for a company trading with a market cap of only $100 million. Buyers started flocking here in early August, and they'll start coming in droves again. Any dip from a reverse split will get bought up quickly.

    Just trying to keep it real.

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    • Yes, the price could zoom after a Reverse Split precisely because people fear a drop and think they need to wait until then before buying in. Then they pile in.

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      • Ranger: Unless there is some serious buying over the next few weeks I'm figuring the RS is going to take place. All the garbage that Sci is stirring up regarding Oct. 4th is ridicules. If they received the info on the 4th and massaged it over the weekend the price would need to soar before the opening bell on Tuesday, isn't going to happen. If however the price reached say $.90 before a positive result announcement there could be a chance. The old girl would still need to stay there for 10 consecutive days and the basher would be in high gear the whole time. If nothing else it will be entertaining.
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