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  • scistats scistats Oct 3, 2013 6:57 PM Flag

    Good job Zalicus! Not a bad day at all consdering the market climate.

    Institutions are support this one.
    Let it stew. Captain will announce the results soon enough.
    If both trials are positive will no side effects as stated in the secondary endpoints, I see no problem with everyone reaching their pre-split financial goals. Now throw a FOV1101 on for good measure and a Novartis cHTS candidate. A single positive trial will be good as well. Obviously institutions are providing some solid support.

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    • Good job indeed. Fiasco in D.C. killed the markets today...many stayed on the sidelines.

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    • Explain how institutions support this R/S since it dropped by over 11%. And all I read before was how it was the best thing in the world for this company? Having been out of the country for the last several days this was a nice treat to come home to. So much for the $10 I was reading from the pumpers. This was a bad move as I said before it happened. It is a lot easier to run up to 25 from $1 than it will be $75 now. And as for the comparison so many posters freely stated comparing ACAD to ZLCS...well now we have to hit 150 and I don't see that in my lifetime and I expect to live a lot of years. What a bummer from a bum management team as so many have said. The many being the headlines we all read. They were right. So what's next? Dilution now that they have the pps up. You can bet that's on its way

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      • steve... you must realize.... retail is the wart on the pimple of the institutional hog when it comes to what makes a stock move. It's about percentages and market cap, not "cheapness" of PPS. The institutions will more readily consider a stock above $5 then one at $1. $75 may be a lot to you, but it is NOTHING to institutional investing; in fact it is a plus! Folks need to think beyond pennies... because this is NO penny stock. My advice; keep and increase you position on the dips!! I am!!

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      • Considering the massive run-up we had following the Z160 orphan status for PHN, dropping 11% following a reverse split tells me institutions are buying. I don't know about you, but I am making money. 150 PPS is possible. Value counts in the market, not digits. We can surpass 100PPS. Mathematically nothing has changed, but with the R/S, institutions are getting on board. ZLCS is not for everyone, but you've to roll with the punches just like anything.

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    • 6 months later, u will be on the bottom ....1/share will be in 1 year

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