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  • pairodice11 pairodice11 Oct 4, 2013 11:53 AM Flag

    To all my friends who lost faith and sold at the bottom.

    I offer you my sincere condolences. But trust me when I say I've been here before. The truth is, my experience today is very reminiscent of the time when I was holding 5000 shares of Jazz Pharma and the shorts took a major run on the stock. It fell and it fell fast. I had started buying Jazz at 9.60 and continued to purchase right into an FDA review when it was trading at 12.50! Then came the news, the FDA while not outright condemning the drug, failed to endorse it, not on the basis that it was not effective, but that it presented a danger to society by way of date rape abuse. Well the stock just tanked. The shorts were merciless too. It went all the way down in the 7's and I was mortified. Frozen; "a dear in the headlights" as they say. Well it's a good thing I "froze", but as it turns out, I wasn't a "deer in the headlights", rather a Fortress Wall in the height of battle. And guess what, we WON. Take a look at the Jazz chart today. The shorts can have their fun and games and abuse the ignorant and the feeble, but I learned a very valuable lesson with Jazz and Ive kept it with me to this day. I sold all but 800 shares of my Jazz at 68 and change and while I do regret it, it has financed a new home and a college degree for my daughter. Sure, I've failed on other stocks, most are Turkeys. But the lesson here is, buy with good reason and then keep your convictions. Usually as the saying goes, "the darkest hour is just before the dawn". Im in well past the secondary (probably Lincoln Park) that will give this company the cash it needs to operate thru the Phase III trials. That was priced into the stock long ago. In the meantime, I just sit back and watch the big shorts manipulate. Its funny, but its sad too. We all must learn by our own experiences. I wish you all good luck and profitable trading.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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