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  • genetz2003 genetz2003 Oct 9, 2013 4:05 PM Flag

    The Difference Between 09/30 - 10/09 Is A $4127.00 Loss

    On 9/30 I dumped all of 14761 shares, a small batch (1744) purchased at $1.98 in Jan 2011, 6210 shares at .80 and 6807 for .73, both purchased late last year.

    Had I not dumped them on 9/30, a couple days before announcement of the R/S, I would have seen a loss of $4127.00, in contrast to making up all of the loss for the shares purchased at $1.98, and realizing almost a 3k profit on the loser cost shares.

    So all you longs, don't be harping at me for bailing when you know you are very upset since the R/S, looking at your deep pocket losses.

    I am not laughing at you because I have felt the same pain when I lost money because of management screwing the people who bought shares.

    Do the math. Even if ZLCS does well with PH II of Z160, the stock has to surge exponentially to make up the losses to date.

    You longs need a reality check. You missed the boat and the one you are on is sinking.

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    • So you invested in a very high risk stock with money you could not afford to lose. Then for whatever reason you hope others join your misery. Add it all up and you are a dumb #$%$.

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      • Indian, there is a huge difference between "money I don't want to lose" and "money I can't afford to lose." If I were in the position of the latter, I would likely not have money to put in the market, and if I did so, especially in a stock like ZLCS, or any biotech for that matter, that would indicate I lack any intelligence.

        Since I walked away with several grand, recouped a couple grand in losses, and looking at the share price from the day I sold to today, those facts would indicate I am far from being unintelligent

        Injun, for the record, I tend to stay with my winners, take profits and most of my money from my winners whose wind is no longer at its back, cut my losses from losers that are down and there is no light at the end of the tunnel for them to rise, and in the case of ZLCS, get the hell out why the going is good.

        If I departed early, I can always return, but, if I did not depart when the going was good and the stock plunges, I know I probably will never recoup the profits I failed to #$%$ up when the going was good and will also be leaving my money on the table, money I, like most, do nor want to lose.

      • And you are classless for calling people names. Grow up! If you don't know how to communicate like an adult then complete your education where you left off....the third grade

      • That expression of not investing what you can't lose is BS. Nobody wants to lose a dime. I get irked losing a dollar bet. And when I go to Vegas I have every intention of winning money....not losing it, though that's the reality. A total different mindset than investing. So spare us the old cliché'. It's worn out and outdated.

    • good for you. dont be intimidated by the longs we see this in all the other yahoo MB. every biotech has the same kind of investors. greedy, blind, and unable to accept criticism.

      doing the RS so early, when zlcs would have easily remained over 1 for 7 more days, does not bode well. it isnt worth the risk. if z160 trial is anything but 100% positive - and the last trial did NOT meet all the endpoints, hence the downward trend - ZALICUS is DONE for good. is that acceptable risk? especially when management has been so tight-lipped, and virtually all the insight we get are from bag holders?

      dont get married to the stock.

    • if your source is Yahoo they are usually months behind so supply a credible link

    • The stock has to surge exponentially about 4 bucks, and 8 more isn't a pipe dream , I'm still betting with the shooter.

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      • Just, I have no crystal ball and ZLCS was the only BioPharma I played with, after reading about it on the SYN board in late 2010. I bought @ $1.98, saw it rise a few months to $3.21, read a myriad of posts by Daug, SCTS, and a few others praising the stock, so I hung in.

        For some reason I did not keep my eye on this stock and before I knew it the price was down to $1.40, then .40. I bought some more in the .70's, thinking if it would rise a measly two bits I could recoup my losses and also make a couple grand.

        Well, my thinking paid off several months later and I bailed.

        I can always get back in, but as the old axiom goes, "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me."

        Even if PH II is a success, IMO, because of the R/S, can't double as it easily could have pre R/S. Yes, it may pop 25-35%, but look where it is now and where it is going. There are better places to put my moola now that Hussein is killing the market.

        Now is a buying opportunity for other stocks than ZLCS. Just my opinion from a person who makes money in the market, but looses some too for being to darn greedy.