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  • yborcat Oct 19, 2013 8:15 AM Flag

    just a thought of mine

    right now Corrigan and company are having a party on his boat parked on boston harbor,they are enjoying a sunny day with naked chicks,booze and lot of Z PILLS,they want to show the world that their sht works,now,when the R/S took effect,THEIR SHARE AND THE SHARES HELD BY LPC,WERE UNTOUCHED BY IT,i read that in their prospectus,and that's why their shares are still unchanged,when I fisrt sold my position,i made money,i used that profit to buy bacl Z just in case,but my view about the management never changed,i think those guys are crooks,ALL #$%$S WORK THE SAME WAY,therefore for now I hold my sentiment,you guys try to explain the falling PPS,but someone is selling maybe because this someone knows something about the results,just remember,THE PURPOSE OF A #$%$ IS TO MAKE MONEY,

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