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  • slounello slounello Oct 22, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

    Why Does Bad News/Decline in PPS Bring Out The Bad People?

    What pleasure does it bring people to verbally #$%$ all over others who are potentially losing large sums of money? Yup - we're getting our *sses handed to us right now but why would that bring you happiness? It really says a lot about the character of an individual if that's how they operate. It's really unnecessary.
    It's kind of like obliterating RG3 10 seconds after he throws a pick 6 - senseless!

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    • I find the behavior of a few very disconcerting to say the least. I do believe that they are trying to influence the weak to sell and I also believe that they are sick individuals. They are lacking the god given qualities of compassion and empathy, that which makes us human. These people are not necessarily "bad" as you say, they are more or less "outcasts" of society. They were the little boys who were bullied and picked on in school, had no friends and spent lots of time alone. They are the ones who picked their noses, wore pants that were above their ankles and never had a date. So....we all know who I am talking about and yes, he does seem to get great pleasure denigrating others and laughing at others misfortunes, but one day he will be confronted. And I am sure that pretty quickly after I post this, he will be calling me names from his computer in his trailer. Have a good night everyone :)

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    • I don't think most people revel in others' misfortune. Not to say there aren't some, but not most. I do get angry at the company for the R/S which accomplished nothing. It didn't attract institutional buyers, nor did it enhance their trials. Their focus should have been on running the business without concern of the stock's pps. With good results the pps grows. Institutional buyers would come with good news not a pps

    • Because of all the pumperaholes on other boards telling us how dumb we are for not buying this junk at $7. EOM!

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    • they want to influence any investor to sell - have a z fire sale...
      they're like leeches...they'll let go one's they're full, if ever....

    • slo: The prior posts covered the answer. Most of these clowns are small time shorts trying to finagle a buck or two at the expense of others. The sad part is that a fair amount of them are suffering from a variety of anti social personality disorders. These are brought to the for front by having the ability to hide behind the mask of the internet. The act of being crude and especially vicious behind the curtain of the internet indicates an extreme fear of being unable to express themselves intelligently or confront real life physical challenges.
      The best way to deal with it is to let them make fools of themselves posting to no reply's.
      Jim Long and calm

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    • slounello, My belief is there are a few different ways people look at money. One, money is a tool and therefore used to do a job, no different than a shovel or a hammer. Two, people see money personal (mine, greed, etc.), separate from wealth. and Three, money is just to spend aquire objects. Folks in the two and three catagories are attached to money for moneys' sake and get nasty when it is "taken" away from them when they don't believe it is fair to do so. Folks in group One see it as a means to an end or a tool to achieve a goal and are less personally attached to it, As a tool it does work and sometime the "work" pays off and sometime not, but it is a rish willing taken. I doubt many like to lose money but depending on how you look at money effects your reaction when things go good or bad.

    • Slounello---there is a long answer to the question-which have no inclination to say-good and evil exists in this world--and the latter often shows up just in time-when you're having a bad go.. Also---some folks are just real po'd at a stock for losing money---and they seem to take out their anger as bashers--or as some say---they're paid to create anxiety and doubt in a holding....Nice gig, eh???

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      • Ah, two reasonable people. I'm as less-than-happy about where this stock is BUT I made the decision to put my money into it - nobody held a gun to my head. My bad if it turns out really bad.

        I get the posers who are here to try to get into people's heads. It's the guys with no stake either way who just spew garbage for no other reason than to be nasty crotch stains. I don't see any value in that.

        Hope to have some positive news/movement soon :)