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  • genetz2003 genetz2003 Nov 4, 2013 9:14 PM Flag

    1) $7.40; 2) $6.40; 3) $4.90, Down We Go

    I just returned from a week of Jet Skiing on the Colorado River in Parker, AZ, noticed ZLCS had plunged like the anchor stored in my Jet Ski, but ANR, my coal stock surged a couple bucks a share. Because it has been in the red since I bought it in April, when I saw the 2k increase in a week, I took my profits, notwithstanding the possibility that it could rise another couple dollars a share by years end, to replicate 2012.

    For you ZLCS folks who are looking for a place to possibly make some quick cash, take a look at ANR. If you do, do your dd.

    Now ZLCS (as well as EW which plunged a few bucks a share last week) is my major losing stock for the year.

    As I mentioned in other posts, I dumped all of it on 9/30 to make a quick couple of grand, but when greed got the best of me I put all of my ZLCS profits as well as some seed money back in a few weeks later. Since then most of my 3k profit lost. Fortunately, no seed money is lost, but today is only the 4th of November, so, who knows what will happen in the nest three weeks?

    Yeah, I've read about the millionaires on this site, but, since I ain't 1 of them thar fellers, I take my measly profits and look for a place to make some fast moola..

    On 9/27, the ODD got us up to $7.40, then within a week on 10/2 we fell a buck to $6.40 and even Napo's article could not get this POS up over $4.90.

    Yeah, we got up to $5+ a few days later, but look where we are now! Hell, I am holding at $4.99, definitely not a good figure. That is .83 pre R/S. Ouch! What the hell was I thinking when I jumped back in!

    Nonetheless, IMO, this POS will eventually rise like most turds do, to $6+, then fall like a rock to $3 if Z160 fails. I don't anticipate much upside over $8 if Z160 PH II results are favorable, so, I am hoping to unload at $6, maybe $7 if my forecast is correct.

    Not a basher, not a pumper, just want to make some money.

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