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  • ctbradley11 Nov 11, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

    What's with the Long haters

    Do you have nothing better to do? It's the market, #$%$ happens; what's the pleasure out of posting idiotic statements against longs -- you only lose if you sell and frankly not being a day trader I'm riding this storm back to $12. It's easy being a pessimistic #$%$ when the dog is down -- but only an idiot passes up this buying opportunity.

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    • Really, with the S&P hitting up 13 points today, almost all stocks are green except for this POS.....what will happen to it on a market down day?

      its not long haters, is this company' haters....2 failed showcase drugs...that's 2 waiting for the 3rd strike, Z944? It will be at least 1 year before he can get up to bat. After that strike out and its BK time.

      In the meanwhile, to keep this company and the staff's 6 digit salaries afloat, you will suffer more dilutions and reverse splits.

      ctbradley....are you in this market to make money or to lose money? How has this stock done for you over the past year or so? Are you so doggedly stubborn still that you cannot move on to greener pastures, or have you dug yourself too deeply already and hoping to dump your shares to some other moron after a pop?

    • ct--if you really were long then you got blown out of the water like me,fins,slug and everybody else.It sounds like you didn't own more than a few shares--the trials failed,it's over and you are a phony bs artist.Enough already

      Sentiment: Strong Sell