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  • tobianbd tobianbd Nov 13, 2013 5:42 PM Flag

    Be careful of the hype! There is a proven track record here of default and deceipt!

    There has to be another reverse split coming or a delisting based on stock price. Management has not stood for anything and has only hyped up the stock holders; then let me fall,on their face!,,,

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    • Agree Completely! Anyone feel free to refute my rough numbers and change my opinion.

      ZLCS has lost about $40 million (EBIT) each year for last 3 years, probably 4 years if you include 2013.

      yahoo shows ZLCS has about $20 M cash and $12 million in debt.

      IMO given ZLCS's history, the only way they can continue next year beyond June is to dilute shareholders through LPC or another way.

      Not sure if ZLCS can sell shares to LPC at the current price. I recall that there was a price floor of around 0.40 pre reverse split.

      If agreement require selling floor to be revised for reverse splits then the floor is about $2.40 for share sales to LPC.

      IMO the executives are very well paid and shareholders have funded their fun for years.
      Will shareholders continue to fund ZLCS?

    • Sorry for the misspelling, but that is not what's important here! I was long for 2 years and saw management hype up this stock with false hopes, only oy watch them vanish. I would expect the same for thier last initiative, but even if it does not, this stock is overpriced. This should be the price if they are successful!

    • bad logic on your part... there is no reason to r/s again. read the requirements for NAS listing (CM and GM). You can make an arguement that down the road (way down the road) if thing don't get on track for ZLCS it could go .PK... educate yourself before you type....

    • Learn how to spell before writing is rule number 1. The guy that hired you must be desperate...Go ahead, fall all over yourself!

    • first of all, deceit is not spelled with a "p"
      second, there is no proven record of default OR deceit
      third, you are very close to libel

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      • Albeit Tobi's spelling could be argued to being less than correct, and his logic may be less than accurate, nonetheless, I perceive the message he dispatched was on point; Corrigan & his band of crooks are first-degree fraudsters.

        No matter how fast Wende endeavors to clean up the dung left by Corrigan & his band of crooks, the stench still lingers.

        As soon as the court clerk assigns a case number to the lawsuits that will be filed in the future, shortly thereafter ZLCS's staff of attorneys will be heading to BK court, and then, the fun will begin because that is when the Bureau will be looking into the matter.

        This matter will be heading to the criminal docket in the U.S. District Court of MA.