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  • vcppaddler vcppaddler Dec 31, 2013 2:08 PM Flag

    OT: IMUC

    Thought I recall some on this board owning IMUC. I would like to jump in but want some feedback on the current price drop. Thoughts?


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    • Not sure what you mean by "current price drop". The price plummeted because of poor results in their most recent PII trial. The price drop was not simply the result of market makers playing games with the stock price. There has been comment about the design of the trial and the robust targets for their dendritic cell vaccine. While this maybe correct, the results also showed no statistical difference in survival rates between treatment and placebo groups. My suggestion is in agreement with rangers as stated below....stay clear. It could be that the trial design was in error; however, experience tells me that the results are probably a fairly accurate reflection of the efficacy of the drug. Also, if there is by chance a turnaround behind the current story, it could take quite sometime for that to happen...if at all.


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      • Hey Zing! What do you think of NWBO's chances after IMUC's failure? I am still cautiously optimistic because I have always thought that NWBO's GBM vaccine was a superior product to that of IMUC's.... with a much greater and broader antigen exposure and hopefully a far superior immune response. And DCVax-Direct, of course, is aiming for the

        Also, Check out IDRA... their drug IMO-8400, which blocks TLR's (Toll-like receptors), could be a blockbuster in auto-immune diseases--lupus, R.A, the whole gamut, and even cancer too. It blocks the immune pathway at a far earlier point than do cytokine blockers, and with minimal adverse reactions (compared to Humira, for example). It's being tested on psoriasis now--which alone is a $6 Billion dollar market.
        This stock might be another PCYC. No joke.

    • terry.booth1 Jan 1, 2014 8:12 PM Flag

      Instead of IMUC, buy NWBO or NWBOW. The SP should skyrocket in 2014.

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