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  • anotherboat12 anotherboat12 Feb 22, 2012 3:42 PM Flag

    Everything sold was bought

    Who is on the bid?

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    • Vicis Capital, LLC Holding WOW!21,646,125

    • The key word here is "may" Ricardo. They are talking very negative in the filing, however whenever it comes to a definative statement, they stradle the fence. Words like emminant, or unavoidable, etc. would make me maybe a litle more concerned. However, still have not seen the rash of insider sell filings outside of Vicus which was pretty minimal. As each day goes by here without those filings of massive sell offs, then I am thinking we still have a solid chance. Wow, what if alot of those sells were from the same people who turned around and bought it all back plus sucked in all the other retails who dumped into it. Wouldn't that be a hoot. I have not sold a share. And I have enough, where was looking at averaging down but unless I want to put a ton more in it is making only a minor difference on average price. So I have just decided to hold.=-) GLTA.

    • Did anyone in here managed to buy last days?

    • I agree it is a call not to buy but it is also not a call to sale. All he is saying is, as you said, this is very risky not that it is done yet. Again I am not saying to buy or sale just what he and now you just said.

    • He said it was unlikely that there would be any equity value related to the common shares...That in my mind is a caution not to buy because it would be extremely risky. I dont see how else you can interpret that

    • Steve The way they're hiring and insiders are holding i'm not going nowhere it was orchestrated well!

    • Steve,

      As I wrote, he did not caution about buying the stock he cautioned about trading the stock. This could be viewed in both ways. That is maybe he is not sure what is going to happen and did not want people to sale, although he did a bad job if so, as there may be things around the corner, or buy because all things are still in works and may not happen meaning no remaining assets for investors.

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    • We answered this question yesterday. It's most likely pre-bankruptcy arbitrage positioning or a merger arbitrage play. If you've never heard of it, look it up for a better explanation. If you think Arcadia is merging with Walgreens, you would be in the second category (merger arbitrage play).

    • Definitely curious about who snatched everything up in the early hours yesterday. Someone was waiting and ready to take the shares for a huge discount in the opening minutes as they knew what was about to happen. I can't remember what the bid/ask was at 9:30 when the market opened because I had just woken up and hadn't expected the filing to be released that morning but I don't believe it was higher than 0.04. I don't think many people were able to get out before it hit 0.02 and that is probably because the buyer knew that people would sell for a lot less. This story was already incredibly intriguing before that 10-Q but this thing just keeps getting more and more bizarre. It's a wild story that I am wishing I wasn't a part of right now but I'm obviously compelled to wait it out until some kind of closure.