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  • saibotol saibotol Feb 23, 2012 4:20 PM Flag

    anotherboat, wxangles

    In the other topic justin stated that it would maybe be better to wait until april with lawsuits because the deal still isn't closed.

    Don't you guys believe anymore in a deal that would benefit the shareholders??

    Im also a bit worried just like justin that maybe a lawsuit right now could make things worse..

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    • I don't really mind what anotherboat is doing. Steve, justin, me and whoever and can speculate until our mind cannot come up with any other possible scenarios but none of that stuff matters if we are actually dealing with people looking to intentionally screw over the shareholders. Richardson and the others will know very soon that they are being looked into and why and they will hopefully release some sort of PR response that may further detail what is going on with the company and where it stands in present time as opposed to 12/31 of last year. Maybe they could say something that ENCOURAGES people to buy the stock again?

    • Actually, what I said was we are not BK yet. So, whatever the CEO thinks we still own a piece of the current company as it stands. What I was saying is until BK, how do we know this is not going to work out in the end? Maybe trying to force their hand earlier then they want to have it forced. That could be the case. Or make public ALL of the contract and what was agreed to outside of just the cash if in fact there is additional info. That I would support. But as it sits, just because the CEO said some very negative things does not mean squat. The issue Anotherboat is having is implying there was insider trading of some sort I believe with Vicus dumping shares prior to the news. And of course the massive connection and possable major conflict of interest both Goodhall and Richardson have in negotiating the sale of possably the companies most valuable asset. I am just saying none of that will change, it is a documented fact as anotherboat said. However, pushing into BK would just make the case stronger and solidify the damage or tort(adona understands this) that was possably caused against the shareholders of this company through Richardsons conflict of interest negotiating the APA with Walgreens then going to work for them.