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  • biffiesbrother biffiesbrother Apr 5, 2012 3:10 PM Flag

    So joseph...

    Saibotol, I think I have seen your name before, long ago. So hi.

    There is no explanation how KADR is hiring people because they have no money to pay for them. You evidently are in Belgium and should at least stick with shares of companies that have a chance of positive cash flow.

    I come to this board because these idiots came to the PEIX board and told everyone to buy when it was at 5 cents! I took a quick look at it and posted that I thought it was actually worthless! Within a day or two it dropped to 0.01.

    I come here now for the fun of it. It won't be long before this board is shut down. IMO


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    • Long ago? I post every now and then, and read the board daily. You are here pretty often, how come you have missed my previous posts? Or is a 2 days old post, long ago?

      So you are advising me to sell my shares and move on to companies with a chance of positive cash flow?

      Offering people free stock advice, can you make a living out of that now a days?

      Btw I was just joking around with joseph, my questions were a bit sarcastic and if he is an honest investor (what I strongly doubt) he will have an honest answer that MAKES SENSE. So I'm still waiting...Joseph hello?

      If I recall correctly I already had a long conversation with you Biff, but you got out of it for no reasons I don't know...

      ps: Does somebody knows why my kadr message don't show up in my history??