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  • justinfosteristheman justinfosteristheman Apr 24, 2012 5:32 PM Flag

    .0055 CLOSE! OUCH!!!!!!!!

    You know susan what is the most funny about their recent PRs? They have acted like they were just nochalantly hitting that due date for the debt and oh ya, we might want to think about doing something about this but at least the creditors are not coming after us. THEY WOULD BE TOTAL MORONS IF THEY HAD NOT BEEN WORKING ON THINGS WITH EVERYONE INVOLVED FOR MONTHS!LOL I just think that is funny when they act like nothing had really been discussed or negotiated. Very wierd to say the least. I am sure we will get some kind of news soon.

    Also, Ricardo said something about a 20 million price tag they could not get. Does anyone remember this? He, of course, did not put a link but I have never seen that stated anywhere.