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  • stevevajs stevevajs Apr 27, 2012 10:45 AM Flag

    Just as expected. when buys cool off, mm having..


    MM having his day for now. I expected this to happen followed by a 4/1 ratio buys the last two days. I believe there are only a few big players (one or two) so once the buying cools off, it's time for manipulation time. that's why impo is what's happening today.

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    • Thanks justin for the explanation :)

    • You know, most people on here do not understand how an affiliate staffing network works. Very simple, those employees are employees of Arcadia! The affiliate is not owned, but the employees are employees of Arcadia. More or less, the affiliate is acting as a contractor for Arcadia to fill position and build business in a specific town or area. But, here is the important thing in regards to all the hiring....they hire those people for Arcadia and Arcadia carries the payroll and cost of those employees AS THEIR EMPLOYER! So, how does Arcadia and the affiliate then get paid? Well, Arcadia then contracts out the employees and bills the company(or the single person who is using their caregivers or nurses) they are contracting with tacking on a direct margin of about 20-30% above the actual amount they are spending to carry and pay the employee. Thus, these people create that revenue for the affiliate and Arcadia who then basically pays the affiliate a fee for generating the position(unless corporate contract generated through Arcadia) and the filling of the position.

      But, you also must understand when Arcadia and the affiliate hire and fill these positions and pay their employees, THERE IS OFTEN A 30-90 BILLING LAGG FROM WHEN THEY PAY THE EMPLOYEE AND WHEN ARCADIA WILL RECEIVE THE PAYMENT FROM THE COMPANY/PERSON THAT THE EMPLOYEES ARE CONTRACT TO! So how is it SOOO important to understand this? Well, basically it shows us with this hiring and the lag in AR for collection of wages already paid to an employee plus the premium, ARCADIA HAS TO BE GETTING THIS MONEY FROM SOMEWHERE TO CARRY THESE NEW EMPLOYEES! This is a critical point that I have been thinking about for months and have really not said much about. But it does not change the fact that no, Arcadia does not own the affiliates BUT YES, THOSE EMPLOYEE AND THOSE JOB POSTINGS ARE FOR ARCADIA EMPLOYEES! This is how the whole system works in the staffing industry. Hope that helps everyone really understand here that there is some major money coming from somewhere to fund these new positions. And the bazzare part is also, companies in this position 99% of the time RIF people not add! Because of these facts above, there HAS to be some GOOD explaination for their actions and the money that is not just coming out of thin air.

    • ok thanks :) quite confusing all the names..

    • About Us

      Arcadia Health Care is an Affiliate of Arcadia Resources, Inc. a leading national provider of home health care, medical staffing, home medical equipment and supplies as well as specialty pharmacy services. As a licensed personal support services agency, Arcadia Health Care specializes in providing non-medical assistance with activities of daily living for seniors, the disabled and individuals who are recuperating at home from surgery or rehab. Arcadia is committed to keeping people at home and healthier longer.

      Arcadia Health Care TN's local Affiliate Owner, Jim Barraza, is a home health care veteran with over 25 years of operations, administration and business development experience. Jim and his wife Carol, a family nurse practitioner, are hands on managers of the business. Jim served on the Board of the Tennessee Association of Home Care as Vice President and for the last five years has represented licensed Personal Support Services Agencies statewide.

      Each Arcadia TN operating office (Memphis & Nashville) is staffed by an experienced office manager, scheduling coordinators and human resource specialists to ensure the provision of personal caring service to every client - a trademark of the company. Arcadia also utilizes an electronic visit verification and communication system to ensure caregiver reliability.

      Arcadia's corporate affiliate partner provides professional quality assurance programs, risk management and billing/collection support as well as the administration of employer payroll taxes and worker's compensation, unemployment and liability insurance. This frees the local Affiliate Owner to focus on its core competency of recruiting, training and retaining qualified caregivers and delivering personal caring service and staffing support to its clients. Arcadia offers competitive salaries and benefit plans to all its employee caregivers and in return enjoys a noticeable dedication and commitment to excellence that translates into personal caring service for its clients.

    • As far as I know all locations besides the HQ that is (or was) in Indianapolis and the Support Center in Michigan are affiliates.

    • I find it a bit weird to. From the amount of shares he owned i would suspect anotherboat of being a wealthy why sell everything? Like we said before its risky, but it looks to my like he could afford to keep some shares in the game for himself?...

    • I saw the map stingjms! But would like to know who is the corebusiness and who is an affiliate?

      I am trying to figure out all the affiliates and who is part of the original business...

      So if anybody don't mind explaining, that would be nice:)

    • I'm kind of confused as to when he sold off though. He claimed to have at least 5 million shares and claimed to have held through the first 2 days after the 10-Q knocked us down to a 0.01 pps and since then the volume has been relatively small. Must have just let it sell over a period of time.

    • Sucks about anotherboat he's a good guy and it has been painful for everyone to hold on and I'm not surprised that some didn't make it, especially someone like him who had so much invested. The situation with the lawyers likely made things worse for him as they don't have a case at this point and were taking even more money from his pockets.

      As for Arcadia locations, yes there are many outside of Indiana. To see where they have affiliate locations go to and if you scroll over the map it will tell you if a state has affiliate locations or not. If not it will just have the ambulance icon to the left of the map and give you the Bestaff travel nurse toll free hotline. If you see that a state has the other icons you can click it and it will give you all of the locations at the bottom of the page.

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