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  • susanmorgan86 susanmorgan86 May 5, 2012 4:06 PM Flag


    so funny thinking of maggie at dinner party discussing stock tips one guy says he has made lots in gold and silver next guy says he made lots in treasuries next guy says he likes growth like chipotle next guy says he likes safety of dividends so he invests in utilities next guy says he like a rated corporate debt very safe next guy says he likes big blue like buffet then maggie says you are all very foolish i am all in on blibs only half cent per share they have no operations now or ever 1 employee little cash and 1.2 billion in debt but icahn spies are trying to steal shares before the reverse triangular merger into belly flop fake out to maximize nol and gas up the shell and turn turd into bed of roses :-)

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    • Hey susan, if I'm correct in a reverse triangular merger, it is a quicker way to reorgnize and it also can be done legally without shareholders consents. At the end, if I'm reading it correctly shareholders are forced into accepting the new stocks whether shareholders like it or not. That's smart if they can pull everything together and we don't get screw. Based on my research, we might just come out on top at the end.

      Longs, correct me if I'm wrong. Bashers, please do not comment.

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      • Really wrapping my head around this Steve, thinking that AHI2 plans to go public. Once they do, they will use a portion of their shares and ownership, which is already agreed upon with Vicis, Jana, and the current BOD, to convert all the shares left that they have not accumulated to the new Arcadia thus having zero out of pocket cash to get ahold of the contracts that the registrant still owns and holds as well as other things we may not be aware of. The shell ceases to exist and we are off and running with the new company as share holders. Does this sound about right? If this is the case, I am thinking we will come out well because of vicis, jana, and the bod shares. What we really need to find out then is for sure what exactly the registrant still owns rights wise and contract wise. Not sure on how, but that is the key here to really blow this open.