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  • steve_vajs steve_vajs May 8, 2012 8:04 AM Flag


    I forgot Vicis was given additional 700k stock options in late Feb 2012 (probably more now) that allows them to excersice...maybe this is why they are buying, selling, buying, selling a bit at a time to bring the pps down to freeze out minority common shareholders and deter free ride. This also explains Jana disappearing act. I won't be surprise if they show up one of these days.

    Also going back to HD Smith I found out they were awarded two seperate stock warrants of 500,000 each totally 1 million shares to be given by company when price per share goes up. Maybe this is why HD Smith was willing to only except less than $5 million debt forgiveness. Wow!!! Tax savings strategy and ensuring those who helped orchestrated gets rewarded.

    If this is the truth then we are golden!!

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