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  • susanrnorgan86 susanrnorgan86 Jul 1, 2013 8:43 PM Flag

    KADR share price is $.0008

    It's officially deceased.

    Steve, sticky, Justin and all the others were just plain wrong about all the high-potential theories.

    Sorry for the fleecing.


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    • Hey, don't forget anotherboat12, wxangel and all the other pumpers. But steve_vajs was the MOST aggressive and posted thousands of hours of so-called research and diligence all leading to some conclusion of purpose for Arcadia Resources. The deceiver can say he never told anyone to buy, but almost all his posts about secret and allegedly relevant "facts" that steve miraculously unearthed could only lead board readers in one direction. To buy or hold Arcadia shares because of some deal with Walgreens, or some Linkd-In connections, or the dozens of examples of job postings, or the supposedly huge connection to the Cleveland Clinic, or Walgreens CEO visiting Indianapolis for a test market where hdq. was, or all the "smoking gun" references to revelations steve announced about reverse mergers, shared website photos, the likelihood of Comerica refinancing and on and on and on.

      This steve "person" had a definite agenda and no doubt influenced a lot of people who no doubt lost a lot of money, IMO. I think this person has worked exhaustively to deflect attention away from his campaign to promote Arcadia Resources stock by blaming everyone and everything else for HIS actions. But his cyber trail remains mostly intact, other than a period of his messages that Yahoo apparently deleted due to some Terms of Service content violation which in steve_vajs's case, could be anything from obscenity to harassment to derogatory language or just generally gross and appallingly stupid commentary.