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  • forupray forupray Jan 18, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

    With all the competition coming.......who is taking a chance on RNDY stock

    Did the Crammer say sell, and investors are doing the opposite? Lot of headwinds........ Everyone is wetting their pants over the Chi-town area stores yet turning a blind eye to Wisconsin. Are there Any "happy" employees, other then the people working in the Mariano stores...... Up here it's all #$%$ and moan, saying that they are getting screwed over...... I always hear, I hate my hours, I am not getting paid enough, don't order enough product. Sick of explaining to customers why everything is so F-----d up. Don't think one has to go to Chicago, when there is Sendek's. my 2 cents.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell