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  • daniel_island_sc daniel_island_sc Mar 6, 2010 1:10 PM Flag

    So Smith said if you sold you're a trader vs. an investor

    pretty hypocritical statement coming from the guy that after the initial PIPE was announced was asking for folks to send him emails with testimonials along the lines of "oh great one, you've made me a millionaire."

    the guy's ego wont allow him to keep his mouth shut

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    • The drop was from previous close. The volume was huge for the recent action. The comment as i said was unverified as to validity of any or how much buying Isaacs may have done. Similar moves have happened when price fell off, hit the point where buyers thought it was a deal and stepped in. Happens on stocks. The statement did not necessarily affect trading in fact I only saw it after most of the day's recovery had occurred.
      Price fell to a point where buyers stepped in and price recovered to some degree. It may fall apart again on Monday or it may rebuild with many sellers out of their positions. If it hits resistance there will be more selling until it falls apart or breaks through. Comments, expectations, sentiment, emotions, profits or breaking even will all be factors in what happens.
      The point was....................
      It was a comment, unverified maybe even a joke that was taken wrong by some as a slam on shareholders which was not how I read it.

    • Klac and Eve..Two schizophrenics with multi- personality disorders..Maybe throw in an Oedipus complex..and repressed homosexual tendencies, while your at it...and say hello to Toby for me..

    • well when you make statements on your page and say certain things and they dont happen, geeze what do you think the reaction is going to be? I think the daily updates will stop because of the reaction. thats what I think people are upset about, remember regardless of who tells you what there is always risk in this game, specially penny stocks